Woman loses six stone after getting stuck in a rollercoaster

“After being prescribed a second course of steroids my bad eating habits returned and my weight ballooned a second time, this time I weighed 15 and a half stone and I was wearing a size 16/18.

“Working in the school at the hospital the children all thought I was having a baby, I looked old and frumpy and didn’t really take care of my appearance.

“The lowest point for me was when I took my children to Drayton Manor, I had to squeeze myself into the seat of a roller-coaster, I was so humiliated.

“Steve took a picture on his camera and I was mortified at the state of my appearance.

“I hardly recognised myself, I would cover up in long jackets and trousers and that just wasn’t me, I knew I needed to change, not just for my health but for the sake of my happiness.”

Sixteen months ago Donna re-joined slimming world and after introducing exercise back into her life, the weight soon started to fall off once again.

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