Woman loses six stone after getting stuck in a rollercoaster

“That was my lowest point and I knew I had to make a change so I joined Slimming World and within 16 months I lost nearly six stone.

“A few months into my weight loss journey my old band, Hollywood Nites, asked me to stand in for a gig and I haven’t left since.

“The outfits that I wear on stage are very revealing, I have a number of PVC corsets, tutus and thigh high boots that are very risqué but they make me feel young again and I have so much more confidence now.”

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After being prescribed steroids to treat a string of illness after her second pregnancy, Donna’s appetite dramatically increased overnight.

She added: “As soon as I started taking steroids I got bigger and bigger until I reached 16 stone, I had never had much of a sweet tooth before but I craved chocolate and biscuits all the time.

“No matter how much I ate I never felt full, for dinner I would eat a take away or a burger and chips and wash it all down with red wine.

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