Woman loses six stone after getting stuck in a rollercoaster

Donna, a teacher at the Royal Stoke hospital, said: “Finally after losing the weight not only do I feel 15 years younger but I look it too.

“At my heaviest I was bigger than my husband, Steve, and although it was really hard to accept, I couldn’t stop eating.

“I was on steroids at the time and they constantly made me hungry, I craved chocolate and biscuits and would eat high calorie foods to try and fill myself up.

“When I picked my son, Alex, eight, up from school I felt like his nan rather than his mum, I would hide my body in baggy clothes but that would make me look even bigger and older.

“The turning point for me was when I took the children to Drayton Manor, I couldn’t fit in one of the rides, I was so embarrassed I just had to wedge myself in next to my son, looking back at the photos I can hardly recognise myself.

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